Degree Program (MABC)

Biblical Counseling MABC

Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling (MABC)

The Biblical Counseling Training Center (BCTC) of Arizona is excited to bring the first non-integrationist biblical counseling Master’s degree program to the State of Arizona through a partnership with Faith Bible Seminary (FBS).

The History of Faith Bible Seminary

FBS was established in 2005 by Faith Church of Lafayette, Indiana. FC became known for its emphasis on the sufficiency of Scripture and its corollary—-biblical counseling. Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries, a ministry of FC, has trained over 10,000 men and women in biblical counseling through the Biblical Counseling Training Conference and the Basic Training Courses. This commitment extended beyond the equipping of the church itself to include those preparing for pastoral ministry. Numerous pastoral interns have been practically trained at FC and subsequently have been sent out for vocational ministry both in the United States and around the world. As a result of the training emphasis in the church, the congregation believed that a church-based seminary was a natural extension of what God has allowed FC to do throughout its history.

Faith Bible Seminary’s MABC Degree

In 2007, the church decided to expand the potential influence of FBS by investigating the possibility of adding a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling degree. This program began in the summer of 2008. In 2011, FBS graduated its first MABC students.

Faith Bible Seminary’s Partnership with the Biblical Counseling and Training Center of Arizona

By partnering with BCTC of Arizona, FBS is now able to bring the same quality MABC to Arizona. Further, BCTC enthusiastically announces that those students endorsed by BCTC will now be able to obtain their master’s degree in biblical counseling from FBS without having to travel to Lafayette, Indiana for some of the courses.

What courses are required for the MABC program completion?

For an overview of the course work go to Faith Bible Seminary and click on the course work for their Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling.

Will I have to travel to Lafayette, Indiana for classes?

No. For those students endorsed by BCTC, FBS is offering its complete MABC program in Phoenix, Arizona starting with the fall semester in November 2014.

  1. The virtual campus will be located at Harvest Bible Chapel North Phoenix (HBCNP). The virtual classroom weeks are typically in January and June, as determined by the scheduled weeks at the Lafayette campus.
  2. The FBS classroom is set up to transmit the live, week-long lectures in real time, so that the students in Lafayette and Phoenix both have full access to the instructors. The Phoenix classroom is designed to create community and personalize the experience of our efforts here in Arizona.

How does this partnership with BCTC and FBS work?

  1. Students submitting a Faith Bible Seminary MABC through the BCTC’s website will be recognized as being under the oversight of BCTC.
  2. Student will be notified by BCTC that their application has been processed. At that point, they also will be informed to send a letter of recommendation from the leadership of their church via email to Nick DeBenedetto at moc.liamgnull@lla4eracluoslacilbib. They will receive a copy of the Standards of Conduct and Covenant to be signed and returned to BCTC.
  3. Upon receiving the letter of recommendation and the signed Standards of Conduct and Covenant, BCTC will notifiy FBS that the student is fully endorsed.

What are the requirements to enter the MABC program with BCTC?

After endorsement by BCTC, the future FBS student must meet all academic requirements for entering a Master’s level degree program.

Upon fulfilling all requirements of FBS, and all tuition and financial obligations have been met, FBS will notify BCTC’s Director of Advanced Studies of the student’s eligibility.

What are the goals of the partnership of FBS and BCTC in bringing the MABC to Phoenix?

  1. As mentioned above, phase one is to bring a non-integrationist MABC to the Phoenix area via the virtual campus located at Harvest Bible Chapel North Phoenix (HBCNP). The virtual classroom weeks are typically in January and June, as determined by the scheduled weeks at the Lafayette campus.
  2. Phase 2 of the BCTC/FBS MABC program is to move from a virtual campus toward a satellite campus where local instructors play an increased role in teaching the courses.

Will this program meet the educational requirements for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) certification?

  1. FBS is recognized by ACBC as a certified training center so, with the exception of the practicum, the course work more than completes the requirements for ACBC certification.
  2. Concerning the practicum: Twenty hours of FBS supervised counseling training can be applied toward the fifty-hour ACBC international certification requirement. For more information on ACBC go to

What other information can you give me regarding the intensive weeks of study at HBCNP?

  1. If traveling outside of the greater Phoenix area, HBCNP and other local churches participating in the vision of BCTC, will attempt to provide housing to those in need.
  2. Laptops with a camera and a headset/microphone attachment are required during the virtual classroom weeks.

Where can I find out more information?

  1. BCTC students can find more information about classes offered, semester-time frames and other pertinent information by visiting
  2. If you are interested in the MABC, please contact Nick DeBenedetto at moc.liamgnull@lla4eracluoslacilbib
  3. Complete the Faith Bible Seminary MABC Inquiry Form

How do potential students register?

  1. Complete the Faith Bible Seminary MABC Application