Support Individuals

Support Individuals Program

Thank you for your interest in the Supporting Individuals Program. The vision of the Biblical Counseling Training Center (BCTC) is to see God’s people turn to His Word for solutions to personal and family problems. Our goal is to train ordained leaders and laymen in the basic principles of Biblical counseling and to point out the error of modern psychological systems. This is a needed and exciting part of the Great Commission.

BCTC receives funding for these vital ministries primarily through donations of individuals and churches (Mission’s budgets, etc.). Counselees are not turned away because of their inability to pay. Counseling is offered free of charge, however, donations are gratefully accepted. We also receive tuition for our courses. Our financial transactions are overseen by our advisory board and are open to any legitimate perusal.

Please take time now to look over the four levels of our Supporting Individual Programs* below:

Level One (Bronze): $25.00 Donation per month ($300 per year) 10% discount on each of the courses offered.
Level Two (Silver): $50.00 Donation per month ($600 per year) 20% discount on each of the courses offered.
Level Three (Gold): $75.00 Donation per month ($900 per year) 30% discount on each of the courses offered
Level Four (Platinum): $100.00 Donation per month ($1200 per year) 40% discount on each of the courses offered

* If the donation comes from a supporting church rather than an individual, the supporting church can send one designated individual to receive the training for the same discounts listed above. For support above the Platinum Level, course discounts may be applied to more than one individual commensurate with the previously outlined levels. Example: A $200.00 per month Donation would entitle the supporting church to two (2)individual discounts of 40%.

*All supporters will receive a subscription to our BCTC newsletter.

As you prayerfully consider your involvement with BCTC, you can be confident that any commitment you make with the resources God has given you will go wholly into the local BCTC ministry.