ACBC Certification

Why Become ACBC Certified?

Students or trainees who participate in the counseling training are encouraged to pursue ACBC certification. There are several reasons why we have specifically chosen ACBC as the certifying organization:

  • ACBC and BCTC of AZ provide a standard of excellence
  • ACBC and BCTC of AZ uphold the sufficiency of Scripture
  • Church-based counseling is encouraged
  • ACBC and BCTC of AZ provide a network of counselors
  • ACBC and BCTC of AZ provide vital resources such as authors, continued training, theologians, lawyers, pastors and medical doctors

Courses Offered

The following courses are offered by BCTC towards, (Level One for Lay church members and Level Two ordained pastors) and BCTC of AZ or ACBC certification:

  • Orientation to and Dynamics of Nouthetic Counseling
  • Basics of Biblical Counseling (6-9 hours)
  • Key Elements in Biblical Counseling (3-5 hours)
  • Critical Reflection on Various Theories in Counseling (2-4 hours)
  • Husband and Wife Relationships (5-9 hours)
  • Parent and Child Relationships (3-6 hours)
  • Frequent Issues in Counseling (7-14 hours)
  • Medical Issues in Counseling (2-4 hours)
  • Case Studies and role playing (2-4 hours)


**The total cost for all of the course work is $375 for an Individual and $500 for a Married couple.

  • Counseling Observations: Total Observation of ACBC Counselors (10 hours) This can also be done by taking 2 Saturday Observation DVD classes approved by ACBC for $25.00 for all.

Note: Prior to the counseling practicum, students will need to secure and successfully pass both ACBC’s Theological and Counseling exams. Both exams are open book and are not timed.
Note: The tests and the Certification process is on line at the ACBC Web Site at

  • Practicum: Your supervised counseling of 50 sessions of your own counselees by a ACBC Fellow as listed in the ACBC Checklist

Turn in your ACBC exams for approval to ACBC and acquiring a ACBC Fellow for 50 hours of supervision of your actual counseling. These cases or practium are e arranged long distance. There will be a $500.00 fee for this supervision from ACBC. Many churches have been willing to help with this fee.

Suggested reading which meet the ACBC 1,000 page reading requirements for counselors in training. These are suggested by BCTC but the full list of acceped books is at under certification.

  • Competent to Counsel by Jay Adams * (required)
  • Instrument in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul Tripp
  • The Christian Counselor’s Manual by Jay Adams * (required)
  • A Theology of Christian Counseling By Jay Adams * (required)
  • Various Articles in the Journal of Biblical Counseling edited by David Powlison (CCEF)
  • The Christian Counselor’s Casebook by Jay Adams (highly recommended to do case studies)
  • Seeing with New Eyes by David Powlison (CCEF)
  • The Peacemaker by Ken Sande

*You will be required to read at least 1,000 pages in these texts as part of the training

**The total cost for all of the course work is $375 for an Individual and $500 for a Married couple. This does not include the books. The practicum is arranged separately with a ACBC Fellow but locally for BCTC of AZ. Dr. Wayne Nieman is now a ACBC Fellow and can supervise your Practicum or will be assigned another Fellow if he is busy with others.

***If you take the training but do not complete the entire ACBC certification process, you will receive Certificates of Completion at each level that you do complete.

  1. The 6 Days of Basic and Advanced Classroom Training
  2. The Observation of Counseling Cases either a 2 Day Class or live observing a ACBC Certified Counselor
  3. The 2 Day Class of Test Helps
  4. The 1,000 pages of Required Reading

These will all be in place and accepted by any ACBC Certified Training Center in the world and at ACBC in case you start up again down the road.